Rental Service

Architectural Visualization is as easy as 1-2-3

Want to test out the value of the AI system on your next project for a fraction of the cost of a purchase?  Want to purchase a full system, but need some more time to try the system and show your colleagues/clients?  Maybe the way you add services to your large project is conducive to renting rather than purchasing?  Our professional travelling service is right for you.

  1. Contact the AI team with your completed BIM model, preferred schedule, and goals for the immersive visualization service. Pin down a date and format for the event.
  2. We finish work on your BIM model and our team travels anywhere in the world to the location of your choice. We set up the virtual reality system of your choice, and allow you and your team to run the VR “mock-up” with your prepared 3D model.
  3. You finish the presentation (your clients are extremely impressed) we pack up, and head home.
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BIM in architecture:

pricing for an architectural simulation

Pricing for our virtual reality rental service depends on 3 main categories. Please contact the WorldViz Architecture Interactive team  for an accurate price quote on your next project.

Daily rate:

The AI team charges a set rate per day onsite. 1 full day onsite = 8 working hours

Travel costs:

The AI team charges a set amount for travel depending on the region of the country or the region of the world. Typically, total cost for our travelling VR service ranges from $6,000 -$12,000


3D Model prep:

The AI team charges for the prep work to be done in order to achieve the goals a client has for a virtual mock-up. This is the biggest variable in the overall rental cost. This value typically ranges from $0 – $10,000 and depends largely on the state of the 3d asset that WorldViz receives and the state that the client wishes for the 3d model to be prepared for the presentation.

Realize your architectural visualization:

Use our Virtual Reality for BIM platform


Ideal timeframe for delivering 3d (BIM) model to AI team: 6 weeks before preferred date onsite
Last chance to deliver 3d (BIM) model to AI team: ~3 weeks before preferred date onsite

Model Prep and Statement of Work:

Prepare your 3d model for delivery to the Architecture Interactive team. Models should be delivered geometrically complete (unless previously agreed otherwise) Delivery of a clear statement of work with respect to rendering quality, intractability, timeline, and goals. Please have a look at the model requirements.