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Virtual Simulation Systems: What is Architecture Interactive?

Architecture Interactive (AI) is a software/solution developed by WorldViz as a virtual simulation, immersive design, architectural visualization, and communication tool for the AEC ( Architecture Engineering Construction)  industry.  Our systems are built using the highest quality virtual reality products on the market with an emphasis on portability, ease of use, and a large return on investment (ROI). Virtual simulation systems provide the ability to create customized interaction with a 3D environment in real-time without low level programming experience. The solution has the ability to replace costly, static physical mock-ups for a fraction of the cost with greater results. AI is commonly used as an internal design tool, as a communication tool between designers and end users / owners, as a marketing / presentation tool within and outside of an institution, as a training tool for safety / operations, and a sales tool for the prototyping and implementation of critical products / equipment.
In short, virtual simulation systems provide you with a full sense of presence in virtual representations of spaces that do not yet exist. The value of intuitive exploration and presence in a virtual space is compounded by features within AI tailored to the design and presentation of architectural spaces (such as medical operating rooms, patient rooms, hospital atriums, hotels, restaurants, themed entertainment parks, etc.).


  • Physically walk around and view the environment from any perspective with PPT motion tracking integration
  • Visualize multiple design alternates in real time (structural, processes, exteriors, floor plans, lighting schemes, interior design layouts, etc.)
  • Add and delete customizable 3D props within your environment on the fly (equipment, furniture, avatars, etc.)
  • Explore arbitrarily large spaces
  • Showcase to and collaborate with multiple users
  • Attach sound and video to any texture within models
  • Switch between any number of different environments in real time.
  • Experience in world animations and fly-throughs.
  • Use existing 3D models created in major architectural design programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Sketch Up and many others.
  • Simple in-world graphical user interface (GUI) to access menu features.


Architecture Interactive

How can you and your organization utilize the power of Architecture Interactive?