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WorldViz and its architecture industry partner DPR Construction, a leading national technical builder, opened a Virtual Reality showroom facility together to bring advanced 3D immersive architecture visualization solutions to building owners and architects.

With an impressive 2-sided BIM CAVE, a multi-user Head-Mounted Display system with wide area motion tracking, and an extremely high-resolution “Powerwall” featuring the latest in Sony high definition projection technology, the showroom is capable of a multitude of BIM visualization, design, and presentation applications for the AEC industry and beyond.

The systems feature industry leading software from WorldViz: Architecture Interactive, motion tracking technology and interaction devices from WorldViz, Head-Mounted Displays from nVis Inc., and high resolution projectors from Sony.

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Showroom Details and Applications

The new state of the art visualization space in DPR’s Redwood City building lets visitors experience fully immersive real-time 3D architecture walk-throughs in full scale. We are showing three different setups:

  1. Multi-user HMD walk through system:

Walk-through your 3D models in full scale, full immersion.   Great for detailed design reviews with end-users (for example, presenting design to doctors for medical operating room mock-ups).  Allow users to literally walk through any BIM model in real time while manipulating the scene per their needs/comments.  Add a 2nd fully immersed user where necessary and represent each other as an avatar in the simulation.  This system is not limited by the size/location of projection surfaces (like the CAVE) and allows users to experience the model from all lines of sight and positions just as he/she would in the physical environment.

  1.  Corner projection wall:

Interact with your BIM in 3D with real-time view point rendering.  Better for presentation to multiple people.  Less immersive than the HMD systems, but less cumbersome (utilizes “sunglass-like” glasses rather than head gear).

  1.  16k projection wall powered by Sony:

With 4 high-end Sony projectors you can experience every detail of your model.  Great for illustrating high quality finishes, presentations, and video content.


All of these systems / capabilities are available to you and your clients at our standard rates.  Don’t forget, we travel with our immersive systems anywhere in the world too!  Contact us today to discuss our participation in your next design review, mock-up, or owner presentation.

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