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Riverside Shore Health System, Nassawadox, VA via Turner Medical and Research Solutions

Equipment Used

PPT wide-area motion tracking cameras
nVisor SX111 head-mounted display (HMD)
PPT Wand 2013.


Equipment planning mock-up for a Labor and Delivery Room

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Turner Medical and Research Solutions
Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital

Turner Medical and Research Solutions (MRS), a long-standing partner of WorldViz Architecture Interactive (AI), replaced another costly physical mock-up system with AI’s simple travelling Virtual Reality service. Utilizing PPT wide-area motion tracking, an nVisor SX111 VR Head Mounted Display (HMD), and WorldViz’s intuitive wireless interaction device, PPT Wand 2013, the staff at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital were able to walk through the proposed Labor and Delivery Room.

Turner MRS

The physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators added, moved and deleted objects in the virtual environment as they saw fit. In order to give the room a sense of scale and realism, they were also given the chance to add human avatars to the environment. This virtual mock-up solution afforded the hospital staff to view and modify the environment quickly, cheaply, and effortlessly. Collaboration, comprehension, and confidence in the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Room’s design reached an all-time high thanks to Turner MRS and AI’s partnership. Together, we have brought quick and affordable design solutions straight to the people who need it. What may have taken weeks or months to do took mere days to complete, expediting the process of bringing the clientele of Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Nassawadox, Virginia the new Labor and Delivery Room
they need.

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