Turner Construction

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Turner Construction

Equipment Used

WorldViz PPT Wide Area Motion Tracking
nVis SX-111 high def, wide field of view HMD
Vizard and Architecture Interactive Software
WorldViz PPT Wireless Wand Controller

Web Links

Turner Construction website


Youtube Video

Turner’s offices house experts in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) that offer the Architecture Interactive visualization service to clients in the New England area.

Turner Construction has been a champion of our Architecture Interactive technology and its value-add to the construction industry. A fully tracked head-mounted display walking system with a high-end nVisor stereoscopic display is professionally operated by Turner’s staff in their Boston office.

Turner Construction has performed the service for a number of their clients in the AEC industry with applications from Health Care, to Server Rooms/Data Centers, to Laboratories.

As Turner Construction looks to be a leader in offering valuable, high-tech tools to the construction industry, Architecture Interactive looks to arm them with the tools to improve and expand upon the services offered to their clients. In this way, WorldViz and Turner are shaping the future of the design process.


David Robinson, Turner Construction GM:

The virtual construction is a huge success. It’s very exciting. It’s an opportunity to make building construction more efficient, for sure.