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Premursa Paramount Theme Park adopts WorldViz Virtual Reality for
Entertainment Ride Design Review




Premursa Theme Park, SA, Paramount Pictures


Design Review and Presentation

Equipment Used

Mobile two-wall motion-tracked 3D projection CornerCavern Virtual Reality System.

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Premursa CornerCavern

Immersive Design Review Saves Money, Improves Decision Making

WorldViz engineers installed a mobile CornerCavern Virtual Reality system at Premursa headquarters in Spain. The CornerCavern System is specially built for the immersive and interactive 3D presentation of themed entertainment ride designs. It consists of two ultra-short throw projectors to display stereoscopic motion-tracked virtual models/environments that are built and rendered using Architecture Interactive VR software.

Premursa design teams are presently holding Virtual Reality demos and design reviews for the new Paramount Park Alhama de Murcia in Spain. Because of the CornerCavern VR system’s efficient, zero-footprint design, the team at Premursa can not only present at their headquarters in any sized room, but can also pack up and take the system to a remote location, anywhere around the world, to give hands-on, compelling demonstrations to potential partners and customers.

Gonzalo Samper de Miguel, head consultant at Premursa, says of the WorldViz CornerCavern system:

“The CornerCavern system renders an interactive model of Paramount Park Alhama de Murcia, Spain, that we show to the general public at fairs and also to relevant investors and partners, which allows us to get effective and immediate feedback as well as allows us to efficiently promote our product… We strongly recommend WorldViz immersive technology.”

Using the CornerCavern system to present theme park attraction designs and ideas drastically cuts Premursa’s time-to-market: in a world where seeing is believing, experiencing the rides in immersive Virtual Reality grabs financial backers’ attention quickly, generating feedback and green lights much faster than traditional methods. Below is a brief video re-cap of the installation: