Center for Health Design

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Center for Health Design, Concord, California

Equipment Used

Architecture Interactive staffed rental system:

nVis SX-111 high def, wide field of view HMD
WorldViz PPT-E 180Hz motion tracking
WorldViz PPT Wireless Wand Controller
Architecture Interactive and Vizard Software

To-scale, to the detail, interactive 3D environment with educational “call-outs” displaying different evidence-based design features of the patient room mock-up.

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The Center for Health Design’s goal was to demonstrate a full scale mock-up at the  VHA conference to illustrate the numerous evidence based design features of hospital patient rooms.

Initially, The Center for Health Design team was going to build a full scale physical mockup for the conference for roughly  $200,000 , involving  the following steps:

  1. Pay for the design blueprints.
  2. Hire a construction crew to build the room offsite of the conference.
  3. Make the construction of the patient room modular so that it can be taken down and reconstructed.
  4. Have all the medical devices donated and sent to the Center for the mock-up.
  5. Disassemble the offsite patient room and have it transported to the conference.
  6. Reconstruct at the conference.
  7. Implement donated medical devices.
  8. Disassemble and have taken to a landfill.
  9. Send back donated devices.

For roughly 10% of the cost of the physical mock-up, WorldViz was able to provide a virtual solution that surpassed all expectations.  No waste was generated, safety (construction and transportation of materials) was guaranteed, contracting of multiple services was not necessary, coordination of loaner equipment was not needed, and the CHD staff was able to make design changes up until the week of the conference.

At the conference, users were able to immerse themselves in The Center for Health Design’s 3D model and take a tour which included proximity-based call-outs that explained different evidence-based design features implemented by the CHD team.

Debra Levin, EDAC
President and CEO : The Center for Health Design

WorldViz helped us to make the impossible possible. We were presented with a great opportunity to share with the leadership at the Veteran’s Administration what an evidence-based design patient centered room might look like but the realities of cost and time meant that it was an opportunity we were likely going to have to pass up. By working with the team at World Viz, not only were we able to make this opportunity a reality, it provided us with a great jumping off point to talk with VA leaders about the health and economic benefits of designing patient rooms with features such as natural light, noise reduction materials, conveniently located handwashing sinks and other features that contribute to better healthcare environments.