BriefcaseVR – Carry On Virtual Reality


BriefcaseVR is a fully immersive, fully portable Virtual Reality starter kit. It comes with rendering software, an immersive VR headset and appropriate motion tracking hardware that can be easily packed away for convenient travel. BriefcaseVR has been created for seamless integration into your current design workflow using your 3D modelling software. No programming experience is required. Our software allows you to easily convert your BIM files into road-ready Virtual Reality mock-ups for presentation to current and prospective clients alike.

Key Features

Immersive architectural visualization has never been so simple.

  • BIM files of all types can be easily converted into virtual environments within minutes.
  • Computer programming experience is no longer necessary to build a fully-immersive, interactive environment.
  • Virtual Reality is now mobile – pack the whole system into your briefcase and take it anywhere in the world.
  • Review all of your designs and adjust to your end-user’s specifications on the same system, in the same sitting.
  • Visualize designs in a medium everyone is familiar with: a 1:1 simulation of a built environment.
  • Differentiate your company from competitors and increase client satisfaction.


Technical Specifications

Briefcase VR is comprised of the following components:

    • Oculus Rift HMD
    • Microsoft Kinect
    • WorldViz wireless handheld (PPT Wand)
    • Laptop/Computer (sold separately)
    • Vizard VR Software
    • Architecture Interactive Software Plugin for Vizard